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Reveal: #ProjectCitySlickers Bedrooms

We're back today to share the rest of a home we decorated for our clients, a young family that has recently traded their urban NYC life for a stately Colonial home in New Jersey (check out the first floor living spaces here). The house has beautiful traditional bones, so our goal was to furnish it stylishly, comfortably, and practically, and I think we nailed it!

Primary Bedroom

Remember how I've said in the past that our process begins in different ways for different rooms? This space is a perfect example. The custom upholstered bed became the jumping-off point for this room. Once that was finalized, the rest became a balance of masculine and feminine -- where we chose blush, we made sure it was a not-too-sweet pattern (thank you, Kelly Wearstler) and where we chose darker colors, we made sure to add some whimsy, like on those antelope lumbar pillows.

We used a linen shade for the leather nightstands that recalls the linen bedding and also bridges the two dominant colors -- navy and blush -- together. And of course, a shapely pair of lamps always makes a bedroom feel finished, and this pair is fun and interesting in an elevated way. We hung the curtains higher than the top of the windows so that they would hold their own with the canopy bed.


Guest Bedroom

This room is tops on my list for my favorite in the house. The Graffito patterned drapes set the stage for this space (I think we incorporated a touch of Kelly Wearstler in almost every room in this house!) and once I convinced our client that the dark moody paint would be the perfect contrast to the salmon fabric of the drapery, we were off and running. The vintage woven bench at the foot of the bed was a last-minute styling add-on that we found in a cute shop in Summit and I love the texture that it offers.

I love the pattern on pattern on pattern moment that happened when we brought in this upholstered and leather-wrapped dresser. The shade of the leather plays off the salmon-colored drapes and the stripes add that bit of whimsy that we are known for. The art is by one of my favorite artists (see them all here), Josh Young. And again, every bedroom needs a fabulous lamp!


Girl's Bedroom

As a boy mom, getting to decorate a little girl's bedroom is one of my absolute favorite things! We had a lot of fun here making it sweet and girly, but not too juvenile so she can still enjoy it as she grows. The wallpaper is a patterned grasscloth with a juicy color palette but not so overwhelming that it detracts from everything else. We kept the rest of the room neutral, with a white dresser, drapes and bedding to give the eye a place to rest.

The art over the dress was made especially for this little girl -- each frame features "kisses" from her parents and grandparents when she was born! They are really special and unique so we helped choose frames in a natural tone that plays off the bedside tables.


Twin Bedroom

This is another guest bedroom that works just as well for visiting grandparents and cousins as it does for sleepovers. The dormer window is so inherently charming, so we wanted to inject pattern everywhere to make is a cozy -- yet calm -- place for anyone to rest their head. We boosted the color palette of green, white, and blush with my absolute all-time favorite pattern "la Fiorentina" by David Hicks in a bright raspberry.

Fun fact: This pattern, in this color, was the reason I became a designer. I saw a Domino magazine cover with designer Ruthie Sommers in front of a vintage camelback sofa in this fabric and I. Was. Done.

We had a lot of fun pulling this home together for our clients. If you would like help from our team to inject some style and whimsey into your space, please get in touch by filling out our inquiry form.

All photos by Raquel Langworthy


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