01. What's your favorite color

A.  Black

B.  Green

C.  Blue

03. What's your ideal family night?

A.  Board games with my kids ( and never letting them win )

B.  A long walk

C.  Couch + movie marathon

02. What's your favorite sweet treat

A.  Gelato

B.  Cookies

C.  Cupcakes

04. Any fun nicknames?

A.  Hinch

B.  Martha

C.  Both A & B

At Britt Design Studio, each home is a collaboration; we pair our skill with the expertise of carefully chosen tradespeople and vendors. Our team believes that open communication, attention to detail, and quality talent is the foundation for a successful project.


We guide clients from initial call to final reveal. Throughout the process, our highest priority is fulfilling the unique needs and wants of the client. The result is a space that feels like it was crafted just for them, down to the smallest detail—because it was.

Britt Design Studio is happy to partner with your construction team to execute your plan to perfection and remove the mystery from the home building or renovating process, so that you can enjoy watching your vision come to life. 

We are honored you would consider us for your project and cannot wait to hear all about it. Click here to get started. 


Kathy started playing with her Little Professor calculator at a very young age. A love for numbers and details was born. Meanwhile, Kathy nurtured her more creative side by clipping furniture from the Levitz flyer in the Sunday newspaper and creating mood boards.


A graduate of Lehigh University, Kathy worked in public accounting for six years before managing the finances of an array of companies. In 2019, Kathy joined Britt Design Studio, merging her accounting expertise with her love of interior design. 


Kathy lives with her husband, twin sons, daughter, and their golden retriever Gus in Glen Ridge.


Bridget has spent the last several years immersed in every aspect of interior design, from managing projects to placing finishing touches with her own hands. She loves a good challenge and strives to deliver perfectly designed spaces that cater to her clients’ needs. 


Bridget enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Bella. In her free time, you will find her working out at the gym, eating at local restaurants, or visiting out-of-town friends. 


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