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My Favorite Artists

I have a real love affair with art - sometimes I can't get enough of it. It's the topping of a room, the mood-evoking finishing touch. But often is can serve as the beginning - the inspiration!

The world of instagram has allowed artists to emerge in ways unlike ever before, which I think is a beautiful thing. But remember there are also galleries all around the country who curate in a beautiful way. Find one with a similar vibe to you and you'll be happy with anything, I'm sure of it. I've never seen something I didn't love from the Gregg Irby Gallery in Atlanta. And the Artist Collectives are amazing and nurture local artists in each of their cities. Finally, Blue Print Gallery in Dallas hosts a feast for the eyes and has a really great Instagram account, too.

But at the end of the day, good art is the kind you love. These are the artists that steal my heart:

No. 01 Renee Bouchon

We commissioned a series of eight of Renee's "Relics" for the entry vestibule at #ProjectCobblersKids. I buy her work over and over...and over again. Her use of color is really unparalleled. And she just had the cutest baby much to love.

Britt Design Studio vestibule at Project Cobblers Kids

No. 02. Holly Addi

Instagram loyalists probably know Holly's large scale abstracts as soon as they see one. Unmistakable her own. She uses the negative space just as well as the focus of each piece. I love each one more than the next.

No. 03. Kayce Hughes

I have been following Kayce Hughes since she was "just" a dress designer and long before she became the hottest Instagram account where people refresh their feeds just to score one of her mini paintings. But just imagine that big green one! We use the minis on shelfies and bedside tables all the time.

No. 04 Stacy Lack

Admitidly, Stacy is a local Ridgewood mom and a friend, who just so happens to be a pretty amazing artist. She creted a gorgeous pieces for us to use in our #ProjectCitySlickers dining room and everyone has died over it upon seeing the final result. We are currently working with her again on a series for a hallway in a project we should be able to reveal this summer!

No. 05 Josh Young

You may have seen Josh's collection of abstract prints on book pages and not even realized it. His work combines textural neutrals with a cheeky nouveau that exudes chic. And his apartment is one for the books.

No. 06 Sally King Benedict

Sally was the first female artist I fell in love with. I scored one of her famous faces many years ago and it is one of my biggest treasures in my own home. Her ladies are like the Mona Lisa with their pursed lips and thoughtful eyes -- and I imagine she'll be in the Louvre soon, as well.

No. 07 Kerri Rosenthal

Does anything say happy quite like a Kerri Rosenthal....anything. From art to sweaters, she brings a happiness to everything she touches. Her message is quite clear -- be happy, spread happy. Words to live by!

No. 08 Chelsea Fly

Chelsea's ethereal landscapes are like something out of a black and white movie -- they are at once calming and wistful. We love using her very small paintings in our shelf decorating. Her recent collab with Studio McGee looks to be over, but I know big things are in store for her!

No. 09 Tori Schoeler

Tori's energy is unsurpassed and her smile infectious. She lights up a room when she enters and makes you feel like a long lost friend each and every time she spots you. She makes me happy just thinking of her smile. And her art exudes all that and more. Her love and bright smile shine through in her art -- currently on display in downtown Ridgewood at the Piece & Pollen/ Tommy's Folly pop up!




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