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Our Design Process: New Construction + Remodels

While we approach all of our projects with the same attention to detail and our goal is always to design to completion, of course, we get to do more with new construction and renovation projects. Here's a look at how our process works.

Britt Design Studio team

When we begin working with a new client, we start with a design direction meeting where we talk about each of the spaces included in the scope of the project, determine how each space will function, and set the budget. Time spent talking about their family's likes and dislikes help guide us through the process. Are my clients formal or casual? Will they entertain in the space or will it be used for the family? We find it critical to understand them so that we can begin making selections for the concept board.

About four weeks later, we meet again to talk our clients through the concept boards for each space. At this point, we have narrowed down the direction we are going in the space, but we haven't narrowed down the exact items we will use.

Britt Design studio floor plan

Finally, we meet for the official design presentation. At this meeting, every detail, from the lighting and plumbing fixtures to the rugs and sofas and everything in between is included. We share floor plans, furniture layouts, and elevations -- the complete design is included at this point, which is before construction begins.

It might seem unnecessary to get this far into the design process before breaking ground, but we consider it essential. Critical details like plumbing fixtures and lighting choices need to be made early in the process to eliminate change orders down the road.

Once revisions are made and the design is approved, the real fun begins! Our team puts together a construction schedule and a timeline for any other selections that need to be made so that everyone knows what is coming next. As the construction progresses, we will dial into details like millwork on our weekly site meetings.

At every step of the way, both our clients and our contractors and trades have access to information through our new online client portal. We order every product and have it delivered to a receiver, where it will be safe until it is time for installation. We send weekly updates to our clients to make sure they know what has happened and what is coming next. So much goes on behind the scenes that they don't see, and we want them to know that we are always working on their behalf.

Andrea of Britt Design Studio

The final step is installation, which may take between one and two weeks, depending on the size of the project. For the first few days, we place rugs, furniture, and window treatments, and then we have a company come in to treat all of the upholstery and soft finishes with a stain-prevention treatment (I have two don't have to tell me how critical that step is!) Then, we take several days to add my favorite layer: the styling. My clients tell me that this is the most challenging part of design, so I love leaving a home knowing that every towel is hanging, every frame is fitted with a photo, and even the house plants are placed.

After the home is photographed, we give our clients their big HGTV-moment and reveal their completed spaces. This is always a fun and emotional experience -- complete with a glass of champagne! We leave our clients with a personalized gift and a binder with everything they will need to know about their home including paint and wallpaper samples, care instructions, floor plans and even a lightbulb schedule, which is quite tedious to put together but incredibly useful!

If you are interested in chatting more about our services, get in touch by filling out our design inquiry.


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