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Our Design Process: Furnishing & Styling

Understanding the process is an important first step to a successful relationship between client and designer and it all hinges on something that can be difficult to nail down — expressions of personal style. Every designer seeks to express him or herself through their creative work while also tapping into the client’s personal style and meeting their needs through the finished design. We want our clients to feel that their spaces are an extension of themselves, so open communication and attention to detail are the foundations of our work. As a client, your first step is to know your potential designer. Spending time looking through a designer's portfolio to be certain that you connect with their body of work before initiating a working relationship is a great way to ensure that you will both be pleased with the end result.

Andrea of Britt Design Studio

At Britt Design Studio, we love to share new projects and keep our online portfolio robust and up-to-date, talk through those projects in detail here on the blog, connect with clients and friends on Instagram, and pin what is inspiring us on Pinterest. If you have decided that our aesthetic aligns with your own then the first step is already complete! Fill out our online design inquiry and someone from our team will be in touch.

If we decide to move forward, our first meeting will be a design direction meeting, where we can speak in-depth about the spaces that will be included in the project — both the style and the function — and most importantly, set the budget. This is a crucial time to talk through our clients’ likes and dislikes, which will guide our decisions throughout the process. Our highest priority is to fulfill the unique needs and wants of each client through creating a space made just for them.

Then, our team will create concept boards for each space included in the project. In a furnishing project, we may do light updates like paint and lighting, but much of the scope of our work will be outfitting the home as-is. This is a great option for whom a full renovation just doesn’t make sense. These concept boards do not include specific products, but are more like a very dialed-in inspiration board that expresses the overall look and feel of the project.

design elements

If the client is satisfied with the concept design, our team moves on to begin making the final selections for the space and put together the design presentation. At this step, every detail from the lighting to the furnishings to every item on the bookshelf is included. We prepare floor plans, furniture layouts, and elevations — the complete design is created and then revealed to the client.

Once revisions are made and the final design is approved, the real fun begins! Our team will schedule any paint or electrical work that needs to be done, place orders for furnishings and accessories, and meet with workrooms and seamstresses for any custom pieces. Every item purchased is shipped to a receiving center, where it will be opened and inspected and then prepared for installation.

living room with blue velvet sofa

The final step is installation. We begin by laying rugs, hanging window treatments, and placing furniture, then we often have a company come in to treat all of the upholstery and soft finishes with a stain-prevention treatment (I have two don't have to tell me how critical that step is!) When that is complete, we add my favorite layer: the styling. Feedback from clients is that they find this design step challenging, so I love leaving a home knowing that every towel is hanging, every frame is fitted with a photo, and even the house plants are placed in exactly the right spot.

We like to do a one-time reveal whenever possible, so after the home has been photographed, we invite our clients to see their space for the first time. This is always a fun and emotional experience for everyone — complete with a glass of champagne! We leave our clients with a personalized gift and a binder with everything they will need to know about their home including paint and wallpaper information, maintenance directions and even care instructions for those house plants.

Full furnishing and styling projects are a fun opportunity to focus on the lighter side of design and we enjoy transforming our clients' homes through beautiful furnishings and inspired decor. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch through our design inquiry, and be sure to follow along on Instagram!


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