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How a Designer Adds Value to a Project

It's easy to look at beautiful interior photos on Instagram and assume they were easily put together and executed. But, if you have endeavored to complete a room -- to say nothing of a renovation or new build -- you know well that's not the case! Whether you choose a smaller consulting role to help weed through a few decisions, or turn over the reins in a full-service project, a designer on your team can actually add value to your project. Here is how.

living room with two sofas by Britt Design Studio

Established Industry Connections

Perhaps our greatest asset is simply our experience in the field and within the local industry.

Not only do we bring our experience in managing projects to the table, but we’ve already done the leg work necessary to find the best local trades and craftspeople. You won’t need to interview multiple electricians because we have established relationships in our area and know the best team for the job. And if we are working in new territory, we more than likely have local industry connections that can help us build a team quickly and successfully.

Nuanced Technical Experience

Interior design is much, much more than just choosing paint colors and fabric and the list of tasks we complete on a job is very detailed and technical. Designing millwork, specifying plumbing, determining lighting and electrical outlet locations, space planning, along with many project management aspects and communication with trades . And of course, we can select everything from the flooring to the art, the window treatments, and smallest accessories. We even make selections for exterior materials!

#ProjectBrickbyBrick || Photo by Mike Van Tassell

Accurate Budgeting

A builder on contractor will budget the extent of their work, but we all know that making a house a home goes far beyond basic construction. And who among us wants to live in a beautiful new home with no furnishings? Bringing a designer into the project means that the budget will reflect more than just lighting and plumbing fixtures, but rugs, curtains, furnishings, art, and accessories -- truly everything needed to have that turn-key experience. Then, our clients have a broader understanding of what it will take financially to create the home of their dreams, ultimately making the project more successful.

Access to Custom Products

Probably the most well-known reason to hire a designer, it's still worth mentioning. Access to trade-only vendors and relationships with custom makers is what sets professionally-designed rooms apart from those filled with only mass-market goods. From custom furnishings and drapery to high-end plumbing, lighting, and tile, trade-only products are what make a house unique and special, but also of the highest quality.

bathroom with free-standing tub by Britt Design Studio

Get It Right the First Time

Even a self-taught designer has taken the time to learn the technology needed to properly draft plans for furnishing layouts, cabinetry elevations, and other details, making communicating with trades much more accurate and efficient. This helps keeps mistakes to a minimum, saving both money and time throughout the duration of the project.


Want to work together? Get in touch and tell us about your project by filling out our design inquiry.


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