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How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

If ever there is a space that deserves a little extra luxury, it's the primary bathroom. It's the perfect private spot to flex your personal design style and amp up the functionality to make busy mornings more efficient and quiet evenings more relaxing. Here are our top tips for creating a bath that is beautifully yours.

bathroom by Britt Design Studio

Warm it Up with Wood Finishes

With so many slick finishes, most bathrooms are desperately in need of texture and our favorite way to do that is to introduce wood cabinetry. But I am not talking about prefabricated wood cabinets here! These are custom pieces made of top-quality wood ( I see you, white oak) with details and finishes that rival high-end furnishings. As beautiful as they are, the best part of bespoke cabinetry can't even be seen in photos, it is the completely customized storage that is created uniquely for each client. A place for everything and everything in its place!

bathroom ideas by Britt Design Studio

Make a Unique Tile Choice

Part of our goal in redefining timeless is to take classic elements and use them in a fresh way, or seamlessly incorporate trends with traditional elements. In a bath, I often lean into a timeless, elegant design, and give it a fresh spin with of-the-moment finishes. For example, we specify subway tile often, but rarely in plain white. We are loving the multitude of colors and sizes we see on the market, which fit easily into even the most traditional of spaces. Handmade tile is another option that brings an old-world elegance that feels authentic and approachable. Especially when paired with natural stone and warm wood tones, hand-crafted tile brings a note of European luxury that is hard to beat!

bathroom by Britt Design Studio

Combine Metal Finishes

Using more than one metal finish is a trick-of-the-trade that helps a bath feel more collected and special than a one-note speculative build. It can be a little tricky to do it in a way that feels natural, but the general gist is to repeat finishes on common items. Here, the light fixtures are all warm brass, along with the cabinet hardware. The plumbing fixtures are all polished nickel. Brass and nickel pair well together because they share a warm undertone and each feel timeless in their own right.

bathroom ideas by Britt Design Studio

Design by M.Elle Design | Photo by Nicki Sebastian

Consider a Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are a trend were are excited to try, and the options are endless for iterations that feel timeless and interesting. A custom cabinet is an excellent choice, but if storage is plentiful elsewhere (or simply not needed such as in a powder or guest bath), fabricating a stone vanity and sink is an absolutely show-stopping choice. Either a deep apron or tall backsplash with a wall-mounted faucet will really show off the stone, and the rest of the materials can be kept somewhat understated.

bathroom by Britt Design Studio

Accessorize with Vintage Items

My favorite way to add warmth and personality to a bathroom is to add a vintage runner instead of bath mats. There is no mistaking the character and color they offer, and they are surprisingly durable (though I would recommend stepping out of the bath or shower onto a cotton towel or mat). Small vintage bottles or containers, a cool antique stool or chair to hold towels, and an interesting vessel to hold a few stems of your favorite flower will give even the shiniest new bathroom a style that is all your own.

If you are interested in learning how we can help with a project in your own home, please get in touch through our design inquiry. And be sure you are following us on Instagram and Pinterest to see more of our work and get a peek at what is inspiring our team.


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