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How to Choose (the right) Wallpaper

Whether you want to set a soothing mood with a textured backdrop or create a bold, eye-catching design moment, one decorating rule always holds true: The right wallpaper can transform a space. In recent years, wallpaper has reemerged as a top trend in interiors, so it's no surprise that the options have become more prevalent and varied! Picking out the right wallpaper isn't quite as simple as finding a pattern that speaks to you, you should consider how and when to use wallpaper to create the setting you want. We've put together this guide to help understand how we make our design selections and giving you some options on where to purchase your own! Wherever your taste may lie, or whatever space you live in, there's an option for you.

Guest room by Britt Design Studio at Project City Slickers
Photo by Raquel Langworthy

Experiment with Pattern & Color

When I look through my portfolio, my favorite rooms usually have one thing in common -- a beautiful wallpaper. It doesn't have to be an in-your-face piece of art, it doesn't even have to have color! But a good wallcovering can make a room feel like it got wrapped up in goodness.

Feel free to try new patterns and colors in wallpaper that you might not consider otherwise. Geometrics are a favorite for wallpaper because it feels less of a commitment than floral, for instance.

In the guest bedroom of our #ProjectCitySlickers, above, we deliberately chose a wallpaper with a mid-scale pattern and subdued neutral color, knowing we wanted the rich colors in the room to take the stage. What we are left with is a backdrop of texture without overwhelming you.

Britt Design Studio laundry room from Project Cobblers Kids
Photo by Robert Radifera for Stylish Productions

Use in Unexpected Spaces

Show me one person who walks into that laundry room and doesn't smile and I'll show you someone with no heart. Honestly, who wouldn't want to do laundry all day if they got to stare at our favorite Mr. Blow? Using it in a room where you least expect it --- or in a place you least expect it (have you seen the breakfast room from #ProjectAlwaysWright??) makes it fun! Be crazy -- when else are you going to?

This particular wallcovering is by our favorites at Abnormals Anonymous -- they never disappoint with their whimsical prints and stunning color combinations.

One of my absolute favorite wallpaper moments we have done was in our #ProjectMorningside butlers pantry (below), where we used it as a backsplash. It makes people stop, stare and smile....just when you think the bar can't get any more gorgeous, you realize there's a herringbone textured paper above the sink. If we get to linger over our cocktail selection, at least do it in style.

Use wallpaper as a neutral texture

I could talk all day long about pattern and color and the "neutral color" I've become known for. But what sets a room apart is the feeling you get when you enter and everyone's favorite is the one that makes them feel at home. That's what grasscloth and textural papers do for me -- even a soft white textured paper can add a moment of drama that paint simply can't.

We used a vinyl grasscloth in the family room at #ProjectMorningside, below, and it makes me happy every single time I see it. Because I know not only is it the most welcoming room in the house, but it's also family-friendly and worry-free. Home-RUN.

Britt Design Studio family room from Project Morningside
Photo by Raquel Langworthy

And finally.... have some fun!

Admittedly, most of our clients like wallpaper because they like us. So convincing them to incorporate a wallpaper into their final design is usually pretty easy. But it's never easier than in a small bathroom or kids room! This is where you get to have fun, be bold and show off your (or your kids') personality! Trust me -- you won't regret it (and if you do, it's easy to change!)

Some of our favorite spaces where our clients had a little fun with paper....




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