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Interior Design Trends for 2022

The word "trend" gets a bad rap for being ever-changing and unsustainable, but trends are a great way to have a little fun with interior design and to freshen up our spaces. Our goal is never to create a space that feels "so 2022," or be a fixture of staid, overdone style, but to craft homes that seamlessly incorporate both new and classic design elements. So, of course we keep track of what's trending from year to year, while still honoring traditional design.

Overall, we're seeing that clients are becoming more willing to make risky or bold design choices and are more motivated than ever to create homes that function at every level, too. These aren't just Instagram-ready spaces, they are hard-working rooms that set the stage for the daily life that is lived within.

2022 interior design trend - curves

Photography by Raquel Langworthy

Curves, Baby

Although curves are no ground-breaking design element, I expect we will see them transformed in new ways through more arches in cabinetry and architecture, reeded and scalloped details used in new ways, and curves added to even more furniture pieces. The style first took hold durning the 1970s as Danish modern design was all the rage, and they lend a sort of avant-garde feeling to a room, especially when paired with more traditional pieces or architecture. Adding unexpected pieces like these bucle-covered barrel chairs represents our firm's point of view - redefining timeless in new and refined ways. Plus, curves wrap around you and make you feel safe, which we all need right now.

2022 interior design trend - green

Green is the New Blue

Shades of green are topping every list for the best paint colors of the year and I'm not a bit surprised. This warmer color is being integrated everywhere from kitchens to walls to upholstery and everywhere in between. Whatever your shade of choice, green's moment to shine is here! We've all learned the value of spending time in nature, so it feels just right to begin to bring more natural shades indoors. Since it is featured so prominently in nature, it works perfectly with nearly every color of foliage or flower -- from the pastel blooms of spring to the dark branches of winter greens -- making transitioning between seasons indoors easier than ever!

2022 interior design trend - marble

Statement-Making Marble

It seems that every client we are working with right now wants to incorporate natural stone with movement and color and we are here for it. Gone are the almost-white marble countertops -- subtlety is being replaced with drama whether it is heavy veining or more contrast in color. With a dramatic stone, I like to do thick profile (like this bar's counter) or use it on a vertical surface like the backsplash to make the most of the stone's strong aesthetic.

2022 interior design trend - home office

Well-Appointed Home Offices

After many months of working from home and now, many companies offering more flexibility for location, we're definitely seeing an uptick in the need for better-equipped office spaces at home. And I don't just mean a good wifi signal and plenty of file storage -- our clients want their office spaces to feel cohesive with the rest of their homes and be just as good-looking as they are hard-working. In addition to the work space, we're outfitting these rooms with comfortable furnishings fit for winding down with a glass at the end of the day, or even hosting a small team.

It's always our firm's mission to seamlessly incorporate trends with classic, tried-and-true design elements to create spaces that are warm, inviting, and personal. If you'd like to work with us, please submit a design inquiry.


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