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Reveal: #ProjectCobblersKids, part II

Today we're sharing the family spaces in our #ProjectCobblersKids home, a new build in New Jersey. I came into the project as the plans were being drawn and we got to put our hands on every aspect of both the exterior and interiors. The goal for this project was to lean into the timeless, elegant style of the home while keep everything fresh and family-friendly. To give the new house a cozy, lived-in feeling, we added lots of moulding and paneling and focused on ways to add detail and character at every turn.

bedroom by New Jersey interiors designer Britt Design Studio

Photographer: Stylish Productions

Architecture: Roger Schlicht, RDS Architecture

elegant stair hall by New Jersey interiors designer Britt Design Studio

Stair Hall

The exterior of the home is a traditional Colonial-revival, and it feels very nostalgic and homey, so we wanted the interiors to reflect that feeling, while also being elegant. The two-story stair hall is a great example with the slightly formal paneling paired with bright modern art and the fawn-print carpet (which is a great choice for high-traffic areas, by the way!). I worked with our builder to design custom newel posts that have a twist detail and feel a little bit like an English manor house. The double stack of windows brings in a ton of light and the reading bench is another detail that brings in some of the old-house feel that is crucial for making a new home cozy.


bedroom by New Jersey interiors designer Britt Design Studio

Primary Suite

The main objective in the primary suite was to create an oasis at home. We prioritized soft shades of cream, blush, and gray to keep the palette really soothing and anchored the room with a big upholstered bed that invites rest. We leaned into the chic hotel suite vibe and chose elegant marble lamps, a cool ceiling fixture, and end tables with brass hardware to give the room some subtle elegance.

bathroom by New Jersey interior designer Britt Design Studio

bathroom by New Jersey interior designer Britt Design Studio

The primary bath may be our favorite room in the home! We designed custom White Oak vanities topped with marble and put them on either side of a gorgeous soaking tub that sits under a huge set of windows. The marble mosaic on the floor and the paneling feels old-world -- almost like a Parisian apartment -- but the whole space is also very serene. Anytime there is this much white in a space it needs an element of warmth, so we chose brass hardware and plumbing fittings and then tied it all together with a vintage rug.


kid's bathroom New Jersey interior designer by Britt Design Studio

kid's bathroom by New Jersey interior designer Britt Design Studio

Girls' Baths

Feminine spaces are always extra fun for me to design since I have two sons, and this house has two! Both baths have wallpaper, but that's about where the similarities end. The blue bath has a soft geometric paper paired with a curvy mirror and a custom vanity with a sweet scallop detail that fits the young teen's bright personality. I love seeing the transformation from a thought in my head, to a sketch on paper and finally seeing it brought to life in front of me. It feels young, sweet, and energetic. The second bath is a little more sophisticated with a subtle, hand-printed paper, a mother of pearl mirror, and sconces with pleated shades.


boy's bathroom by New Jersey interior designer Britt Design Studio

Boy's Bath

In the boy's bath, I didn't want to be too playful as this young man is growing up so it's a little more masculine with a fun navy patterned tile and a campaign-style vanity. The lighting and mirror are kind of cool and industrial, while the oversized gingham shade is classic East coast design.


home office by New Jersey interior designer Britt Design Studio

Homework Room

One of the most fun spaces in the home is the first floor "homework room." It could have just been a study, but we outfitted it to be used by multiple kids at a time. Having a designated spot for everything school-related meant that their bedrooms were more personalized retreats, and definitely takes the organization up a few notches. One of my passions is to create homes that not only look great, but that function like a well-oiled machine for our clients, and this room fits the bill. Ironically, this became the homeowner's work-from-home station during the pandemic, and everyone agreed that she had the best Zoom background!


laundry room with wallpaper by New Jersey interior designer Britt Design Studio

Laundry Room

If you have to do laundry, why not make it fun? The cheeky wallpaper by Abnormal Anonymous provides a smile anytime you walk by and the custom floor design was executed by the best tile guy around! We used inexpensive and accessible mini hexagon tiles in a vintage-inspired pattern to create a pretty magnificent backdrop for the room. The black-and-white scheme is set off with cool blue cabinetry, so we warmed it up with a brass wall-mounted faucet and plenty of textural accessories.


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