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Updates You Can Make Right Now (even in quarantine)

Now, more than ever, we know how important our homes are. A home that feels like a true reflection of you and your family and feels comfortable and makes you happy!

Our homes are serving as classroom, home office, conference room, living space and relaxing space. And it’s tough. I know that just by living it myself.

Our virtual service, the Britt Box, is a great option if you want help designing a room or helping get your home into a more complete state. But there are also some things you can do right now, even while maintaining social distance and keeping your budget in shape.

1. Redecorate using what you have. Move a piece of art to a new wall, swap pillows from another room, and re-arrange some furniture. (But stick to small pieces and contact us for the big stuff!)

2. Check out our Britt's Picks for affordable options to refresh your accessories. Some of our favorites are below. And yes, that vase is sold out online but you can find it in stores and do curbside pickup!

- Shop Britt's Picks -

3. Put some Spring in your space with some new pillows -- the easiest way to transform your space for the least amount of money. And vendors like SparkModern on Etsy feature curated collections of pillows so you don't even have to think about mixing patterns (the way we agonize over the right mix for our clients!)

- Shop Britt's Picks -

Regardless of what you do, make it yours. Think of how you use your space and how you want it to feel.

You can make some really great little changes and updates to your interior with not too much money – and always remember fresh flowers or greenery make everyone smile and help freshen your air!



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